How To Add Line Breaks + Space To Instagram Captions And Bio

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Instagram gives you plenty of space in your captions to tell a story. This can be useful to really capture the attention of your audience. However, it feels impossible to put simple line breaks or blank space between your paragraphs.

They made something so simple feel tedious. No worries, friend! I’m here to help you win with this clever trick. ?

Okay, we’re about to GET REAL PRACTICAL for a minute.

Is that alright with you? Okay, good.

In this article you’re going to learn exactly how to add perfect line breaks and blank spaces in your Instagram captions. This will keep your captions looking clean and crisp, helping you keep the attention of your audience.

I’m going to use the phrase “line break” throughout this article, but you can think of it as just a “blank space” if that helps you. Either way, you’re Instagram captions are going to look super pro by the time we’re done here!

The Instagram Line Break Limitation

That’s right, Instagram hates your line breaks and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s frustrating, annoying, and downright rude. All you want to do is put a little bit of space between your thoughts, and Instagram just runs all your sentences together like one long block of text. YUCK!

Instagram wants to keep its users’ focus on one thing- photos. Honestly, they don’t want you writing long descriptions or telling stories with your captions. Why? Because then people stop scrolling, stop engaging with other content, and just focus on you.

But you want people to focus on what you have to say! That’s why once you get their attention with your photo you want to write an engaging story in your caption. Keep the attention of your audience so they’ll like and trust you more. 

So here you and Instagram are- you both need each other for different reasons. Instagram needs people like you posting engaging photos their users will enjoy. You want to use them to attract and grow your audience.

Instagram owns the app, so they can set whatever rules they want (no matter how ridiculous they are). But you’ve got a trick up your sleeve to work around their line break limitation and do whatever you want on their app!

Are you ready to add perfect line breaks to your Instagram captions to really engage your audience?

Good! Here we go!

Add Line Breaks With 2 Easy Tricks

There are a couple way you can break your lines. One is a little simpler than the other, but the other looks a little cleaner than the one. Pick whichever one is easiest for you.

1. Use a symbol
2. Insert an invisible line break

1. Use a symbol

If you’re going for ease and speed, this is your weapon of choice.

Press the “Return” key to go to the next line, then use your keyboard to type any symbol- a period, hashtag, emoji, underscore, etc.

Instagram sees this as a character so then you can press “Return” again to continue typing your story with a new paragraph.

Now this method may be quick and easy, but the symbol you type is visible in your caption. So while this gets the job done for new lines, it’s not a blank space and definitely not as clean as it could be.

2. Insert an invisible line break

This one is my personal favorite. It takes a little bit of extra effort but it’s totally worth it. Here’s how it works:

  • Write your caption as usual in Instagram
  • Copy and paste these “special” invisible spaces where you want your blank lines:
  • [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]
  • Paste multiple times if you want more blank lines
  • Remove only the brackets from the pasted sections (be sure not to touch the spaces in between them)
  • Share your photo!

BOOM! Instagram caption perfection!

After you share your photo take a look at the caption to make sure your spaces are in the right place.

By using this method you will get an entirely blank line between your paragraphs. No symbols will be there and Instagram won’t try to collapse your sentences together. NICE!

Very Important Rule!

Never add an extra space after the last word in a paragraph! This will break the whole trick.

When you get to the last sentence of a paragraph just press “Return” without adding a space after the period. Adding an extra space will mess everything up.

So there you go, my friend! While everyone else is settling for condensed sentences and poor formatting you get to look like the superstar you are with this simple Instagram caption trick! Use blank space to your advantage to hold attention, build suspense, or even just stand out above the noise of everyone else.

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