Never Use The Facebook Boost Post Button (do this instead)

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Want to reach more people on Facebook, or perhaps you feel like you’re sharing great content but no one is listening? Are you tempted to click the Boost Post button but aren’t sure you’ll get the results you want? Are you sick of seeing everyone else succeeding on Facebook while feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand, constantly staying active but getting nowhere?

I’ve been there before, my friend. (Boy have I been there!)

Here are a few tips I discovered along the way. They can save you thousands of dollars on Facebook marketing and grow your business faster too. (BOOYAH!)

In this article I’m going to show you why you should actually ignore that Boost Post button. You’re also going to learn a better way to promote your Facebook content so that you can grow your business faster with less money.

Ready to have some Facebook fun, my friend?! Let’s do this! 

Unfortunately, This Happens All The Time

The other day I opened up my Facebook app to see what my friends and the world are talking about. (and maybe to see some fresh memes)

Scrolling through casually, I see a post from a local party equipment company. I’ve never seen this company on Facebook before, but they’ve been in business in my town for decades.

It’s a simple post, therefore it’s likely the first time they’ve ever run a sponsored post on Facebook. It has a picture of a white tent (I assume from one of their events), their company’s name, and the text “Click here to see our website.”

It’s a local company and they’re involved with parties (who doesn’t like a good party?) so I go ahead and click the link.

I’m taken to the company’s homepage, which looks outdated, cluttered, and doesn’t look anything like the post I just clicked on. I don’t feel like digging through their mess, so I leave.

For this particular company I happen to know the owner so I gave him a call. This was obviously their first time doing a “Sponsored Post” so I wanted to help.

“I saw your sponsored post on Facebook. Looks like you’re trying something new. How is that post performing?” I asked.

“Great! It’s reaching a lot of people!” he was excited to share.

“Awesome. How many new leads have you gotten with it?” I enquired.

“Umm… new leads? We haven’t gotten any new leads, but it’s reaching a lot of people!” he sidestepped.

“Okay… what’s your strategy for following up with those same people?”

“I haven’t really thought about it. I just posted about our website and Facebook gave me the option to Boost Post, so I did.”

“Ohh, gotcha. What kind of budget did you boost it with?”


My heart sank. He was pouring $500 of his hard-earned money into an empty pit. Furthermore, I knew I could get him results that could actually help grow his business for a third of what he was throwing away.

Now to be fair, this local business owner thought he was doing something good to grow his business. And indeed, he wasn’t doing anything bad. However, he would have thrown away thousands of dollars into an empty Facebook hole if I didn’t share with him what I’m about to share with you.

The Problem With Facebook’s Boost Post Button

You’re sharing great content on Facebook. It’s valuable stuff that can really help people. (If you have crappy content, then don’t even bother promoting it, seriously. I’ve personally produced plenty of crappy content in my day that simply didn’t cut it. So guess what, it never got promoted.)

Do you feel like your Facebook reach continues to get smaller? Perhaps it seems like a boa constrictor around your neck, like Facebook is slowly squeezing your organic reach to death.

Then Facebook shoves the Boost Post button in your face so that must be the logical next step, right? Not quite.

However, it can be tempting for you to casually click that ever-present Boost Post button. NEVER click it. It’s a trap!

Facebook has LOTS of power under the hood to help you get your content in front of the right people. The challenge is that it can feel like TOO MUCH power! So what does Facebook do? They create a simple button that makes promoting your content freaking easy. But it comes at a cost.

In order to make the Boost Post feature freaking easy Facebook strips away a lot of your power to reach your specific audience and properly re-target interested people in the future. The simplicity of Facebook’s Boost Post button creates a lot of waste, which means you’ll spend too much money.

Facebook's price tag for “simplicity” is very, very high. Don’t fall for it. There's a better way.Click To Tweet

Right now you might be sitting there with a somewhat puzzled look on your face.

If you’re not thinking about what’s for lunch (I’m thinking Chick-Fil-A today) then you’re probably thinking, “okay Scott, if I want to promote my content, but shouldn’t click the Boost Post button, what should you do?!”

I’m so glad you asked, my friend!

What The Winners Use On Facebook

People who experience long-term growth with Facebook use something that others don’t- a strategy. Therefore, they can experience something others may not- success.

Pick a strategy

That’s right, you need to put a smart strategy in place and then stick with it. You’ll make small changes along the way, but when you’re following a strategy, or a plan, you are more intentional about learning what works and what doesn’t work for your audience.

When you use the Boost Post button you’re throwing strategy out the window. This button is a totally REACTIVE action you might take simply because Facebook puts it in front of you. However, it doesn’t help you learn how to recreate your success.

Use Business Manager to build out your strategy

Facebook’s Business Manager is one of their most powerful tools for growing your business. Therefore, every sponsored post or ad campaign we perform on Facebook is built through their Business Manager.

Yes, there is a learning curve. However, it gives you everything you need to build out your long term strategy. It even guides you through much of what you need to start.

In addition, this is where you will set up your Facebook pixel, configure custom and lookalike audiences, and start reaching people for a fraction of the cost with a good strategy in place.

Here’s a preview of what Facebook’s Business Manager looks like. As you can see it makes it incredibly easy to keep your ads and sponsored posts organized.

Make small iterations along the way

When you promote posts or create ad campaigns in Business Manager, you have powerful tools that let you duplicate promotions and make small changes along the way. You also get insights on the success of every campaign, so you can learn exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Repeat your success with automated rules

Find a strategy and posts that work really well for reaching your audience? Set it on repeat!

Furthermore, it can take serious trial and error to find what works for your audience. However, once you dial it in you can put your entire system on automation with Facebook’s automated rules.

This can let you achieve your dream of literally making money on autopilot while you sleep! Huzza!!

Let’s Recap

Finally, if you’re NOT serious about growing your business with Facebook, go ahead and use the Boost Post button. You’ll feel good about the extra attention, but don’t expect it to seriously scale up your business.

For people who are serious about growing their business faster with Facebook, and eventually automating their success, you MUST execute a winning strategy and stick with it.

  1. Pick a strategy
  2. Use Business Manager to build out your strategy
  3. Make small iterations along the way, measuring what works and what doesn’t
  4. Repeat your success with automated rules

Alright my friend, you have work to do. Can you smell the success?! (or maybe that’s the Chick-Fil-A)

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