5 Essential Questions For Discovering Your Target Customer

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Connecting with people is a two-way interaction. When you know who your target customer or audience is then you can purposely talk to them in a way that connects on a deeper level.

The best communication happens when people connect through shared stories or experiences. Discover who your target customer is and you can more deeply connect with their worldview, mindset, and struggles.

This article gives you 5 essential questions that you should ask in order to get a clear picture of who your target customer is. Keep reading to learn more about your target customer, enabling you to build trust with them faster than ever!

Which Customers Are A Perfect Fit?

Have you ever tried to jam a square peg into a round hole? It doesn’t work out so well. You end up cutting corners (literally in this example). By the end of it you worked harder and spent more time & money than you wanted to, plus the customer feels like they didn’t get a great outcome.

Customers that start as a poor fit often experience poor outcomes and leave poor reviews.

How do we make sure we help the perfect target customer to create a winning solution for everyone involved?

Determine what customer you can help the most, and then focus on getting more of that kind of customer.

Customers that start as a poor fit often experience poor outcomes and leave poor reviews.Click To Tweet

Lanterns VS Lasers

When I was a child my dad and I would go camping together. Okay, maybe it was more like glamping. We brought the huge pull-out camper with us, paired with self-inflating air mattresses and oversized George Foreman grills. We created our own modern mancaves in the forest.

Whether you’re roughing it in a tent, or glamping in a camper, you need the right equipment to be ready for anything.

Lanterns were a good way to light up a wide area. They spread light on anything and everything around. Lanterns were helpful as a broad guide, but wasted a ton of energy shining light on things that didn’t matter. In fact, we had to keep changing out the batteries in the lanterns because so much light was being wasted. Batteries are not cheap.

When I was young I was amazed by laser pens. You could point a laser miles away and it would be just as bright, tightly focused on a pinpoint. Some kids even got in trouble for shining lasers into airplanes that were flying overhead. Crazy!

You can hit your precise target from miles away with a laser, without wasting any light or batteries. It turns out that lasers are a great way to reach a target, as long as you know precisely what you’re targeting.

When it comes to reaching your customers, you can have the approach of a lantern or the approach of a laser.

With a lantern approach you’ll shine light everywhere, wasting a ton of energy and resources shining light on things that don’t matter.

However, if you discover your target customer FIRST, then turn your light on, then a laser will be far more effective for reaching them.

Let’s help you discover your target customer before you spend a dime on marketing so that you can reach precisely the people you can help the most!

5 Essential Questions To Discover Your Target Customer

Discover who’s a good fit and who’s not by first asking yourself these questions. Use the answers as a guide for attracting the best customers for your business.

1. Who are the types of people you want to work with?

For me, this is a biggie. The types of people you choose to work with can determine the type of person you become along the way. Do you want customers who just want to make a cheap dollar? Do you want customers who have a vision to change the world?

There isn’t any right or wrong here, but you want to make sure your values and your customers’ values are aligned. Otherwise you’ll find yourself frustrated with the people you’re helping and that can hurt your business long term.

2. What is it they want?

After you’ve determined WHO you want to help, now you want to discover what it is that they want. What desires do they have for their life or business? Then think about what they want help with. And what do they value most? Figure out what they want, and find a way to help them get it.

3. What are their biggest problems or pain points?

Now that you know what they want, find out what is stopping them from getting it? What obstacles are in their way? Are there enemies holding them back? What struggles or pain are your customers experiencing by not getting what they want? How can you ease their pain or offer a solution to their problems to help them get what they want?

4. How do they buy?

Okay, you know who you’re helping, what they want, and what’s in their way. You have a great solution that can help them. Next you must discover where your customers are shopping to solve this problem. Are they going to industry shows? Are they on Facebook? Perhaps you offer a high-ticket item that requires a longer term trust-building phase. Where can you connect with new customers to start building that trust?

Knowing a customer’s buying process is a key step to inserting your solution into their process.

5. What is the best way to communicate with them?

Who do your customers already listen to? Are there influencers in your industry? Can you reach your customers with a blog and sponsored posts? Or do you need to pick up the phone or go door to door to reach your customer?

Discover when your customer is already paying attention to their problem and you can become a part of their solution.

Pro Tips

Here again are the questions to think through to help you know exactly who you should be reaching. Remember that by discovering your target customer first you can take the laser approach to reach them and grow your business faster!

5 Essential Questions To Discover Your Target Customer

  1. Who are the types of people you want to work with?
  2. What is it they want?
  3. What are their biggest problems or pain points?
  4. How do they buy?
  5. What is the best way to communication with them?

Invest some time into fully answering each question. Investing more thought into this now can save you tons of time and money in the future. When you know precisely who you want to help, and what they want help with, then you can reach them far more effectively.

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